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If you want a healthy, eco-friendly lawn, then make sure you follow these tips.

Even homeowners committed to an organic lifestyle may balk at the challenges of creating an organic lawn. The good news for you, now settling in the house you chose from Sioux Falls homes for sale, is that going organic with your lawn has become more doable in recent years. Knowledge of organic practices is spreading, and you can now find organic or native grasses that will prosper without synthetic chemicals.

Our real estate agents have some advice for those homeowners aiming for a nice-looking lawn but doing it without earth-damaging chemicals. Here are some tips for breaking your lawn's addiction to synthetic herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers.

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Gardening season is upon us, and we have the best tips for making a beautiful garden this spring.

As spring has officially arrived and temperatures are starting to warm up, it's time to start preparing your Sioux Falls garden. By taking care of these tasks now, you'll be setting your garden up for success and spreading the work out so it's more manageable.

Our real estate agents suggest these pointers to start your gardening prep now:

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Make the most of your landscaping by visiting these great Sioux Falls garden centers.

How green is your thumb? Now that you're settling into one of the special Sioux Falls homes for sale, you're probably thinking about spring planting and how to make your home stand out. 

There are so many ways you can make your property a show stopper. Local garden centers abound with a wide range of trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals. The challenge is narrowing your focus and deciding which way to go.

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Move to Sioux Falls

Is Sioux Falls a city for the millennium? Since 2020, the population has grown more than 22 percent. What is it about our corner of South Dakota that entices new residents from all around the country? Our real estate agents share seven compelling reasons why you should be checking out Sioux Falls homes for sale in 2021.

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Yard Ready for Winter

Even though fall is in full swing, winter weather is right around the corner. Our REALTORS® know that fall is the ideal time to prepare your yard and landscaping for winter's harsh temperatures. Prepare your yard for winter with this convenient guide. 

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Geocaching in Sioux Falls

Psst…do you want to go on a treasure hunt? Although South Dakota is far from the seven seas, Sioux Falls has a goldmine of hidden treasures scattered throughout the city. Saturday, August 15th, is International Geocaching Day and our real estate agents want to help you find the coolest, quirkiest, and cleverest geocaches hidden around Sioux Falls.

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Rapid City Hiking Trails

Rapid City homes for sale are situated in the midst of a hiker's paradise. Easy access to the Black Hills National Forest means plenty of opportunities to explore and be immersed in nature.

Not far from Rapid City, you'll find clear skies, fresh air, and some excellent hiking trails. Some are very new, while others have been used for decades. There are local trails to suit any skill level. All of them are just waiting for you to explore this summer!

Our REALTORS® have been known to hit the trail around these locations:

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