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Energy-efficient upgrades can save you money in the long run. Here are the upgrades you should consider.

Energy costs can put a significant dent in your monthly budget, but by making a few upgrades, you can make your home much more energy-efficient. This not only helps reduce your energy bill but also makes your home more comfortable. At the same time, you'll make your home more appealing to prospective buyers, most of whom put a high priority on energy-efficient features.

Our real estate agents suggest making the following energy-efficient upgrades to your home:

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Before you invest in new flooring, make sure you know what will go best in your home. Here's how you can figure that out.

Few home improvements can have as big an impact as you'll get from new flooring. Whether you're having the flooring in one room or your entire house redone, the project can transform the space, making it look fresher and tied together.

If you're looking at new flooring, our real estate agents share what you need to know:

Types of flooring

To decide what type of flooring you'd like, consider its appearance, durability, and cost. The following are some of the most popular types of flooring:

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A new color may be just what you need to transform your home in 2022. Here are the colors of the year to look out for.

Color plays a vital role in decorating since it can transform a space. Some create a calming, comforting atmosphere, while others help a space seem more lively. Color can also be used to tie spaces or elements together. Every year, Colors of the Year are announced by paint companies and color experts, and you can expect to see them used in the latest home decor trends. They're a great way to freshen up your home decor, and the companies who name the colors provide suggestions on ways to best utilize them in your home.

The following are some of the Colors of the Year for 2022 that our real estate agents expect to see utilized in home decor:

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The fireplace and mantel can be tricky to decorate just right during the holidays. Here's how you can pull it off.

When you think of your mantle during winter, stockings and other holiday decor probably comes to mind. If you have a holiday nutcracker collection you're waiting to unbox, consider putting them on a table or counter instead and taking your mantle in a different direction. Decorating this area for winter rather than a specific holiday can give it a stylish, fresh look that you won't have to change when the holidays are over.
Our real estate agents pass along the following best mantle decorating tips for winter:

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Don't put off all your home improvement projects until the holidays are in full swing. Here are projects you should complete now.

November is here, and that means the holidays are just around the corner. If you're settling into the home you chose from Sioux Falls homes for sale, you're probably prepping to show friends and family you're new home. Spending time with loved ones over home-cooked meals is certainly rewarding, but it also means you may not have the same free time you had earlier in the year. Before inviting guests over this holiday season, our real estate agents recommend you finish these projects.

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Living room layout and design can be difficult to nail. Here are some design elements you should avoid.

Whether you're designing a living room in your new home or are replacing and rearranging items in your existing living room, it's easy to make some common mistakes that negatively affect its appearance and function. Real estate agents and designers tend to see the same problems with living rooms in home after home, but once you realize what these issues are, it's easy to avoid them. Our real estate agents point out the following mistakes to avoid when you're rearranging or redesigning your living room:

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With a little effort now, you can save yourself major headaches once winter rolls around. Here are the home improvement projects you should tackle.

Now that we're closing out summer and fall is approaching fast, it's not too early to wrap up home improvement projects and start preparing our homes for the cold weather that lies ahead. Our real estate agents often recommend checking this work off your list in September and early October because temperatures are still warm. If you're a first-time homeowner, remembering to take care of everything can be a challenge, which is why we put together this list of projects you should try to tackle soon!

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Hummingbirds are a joy in any garden, but they're also elusive. Here's how you can attract and help them.

Many gardeners love to attract hummingbirds to their gardens, and it's easy to see why. These tiny, colorful creatures are fun to watch as they rapidly flap their wings and dart around before taking a drink of nectar from a flower. They can also hover, which gives you the chance to hear the distinct sound of their wings as you get a good look at these amazing birds.

If you'd like to see hummingbirds in your garden, design it to attract them to your yard while meeting their needs. Our real estate agents share the following tips to help make your garden hummingbird-friendly:

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Window sills are the perfect spot to express your personal style and extend your home decor. Here are some decorating tips to get you going.

Window sills are usually thought of as wasted space and ignored when it comes to freshening up your home. But with a little time, effort, and creativity, you can transform them into useful areas that add beauty to any room in your home. Our real estate agents suggest the following ways to make the most of your window sills:

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You don't have to go full minimalist to bring minimalism into your home. Here are some tips that can make your home more organized.

Minimalist home decor, which is very popular at the moment, is all about simplicity and restraint. You might think that this translates into a boring home, but minimalism is anything but. It's bold yet soothing, and its well-chosen elements make a large impact. Our real estate agents suggest the following tips for creating a minimalist home design:

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