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Email Post to a Friend: Discover The History Of Sioux Falls With These Locations

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Sioux Falls has a rich history that you can experience any day of the week. Here are the locations you should visit.

Sioux Falls is a fascinating city: arts and cultural attractions, activities for the family, and of course, the famous falls. You may have been busy settling in the house you chose from among Sioux Falls homes for sale, but now that it's summer and you've got some time, you likely want to do some exploring.

Our real estate agents have lots of recommendations about what to see and do, but among the most interesting and photo-worthy are those that recall the history of the city.

  1. Pettigrew Home and Museum. 131 N. Duluth Ave., Sioux Falls
    Built in 1889, the Pettigrew Home and Museum is a repository for Sioux Falls' history. Senator Richard Franklin Pettigrew acquired the home in 1911 and began to establish a museum with his many collected items, which included artifacts from American Indians, as well as items representative of the American and European settlers in the region. Visitors can now tour the home and the museum.

  2. Falls Park. 131 E. Falls Park D., Sioux Falls
    Yes, there really is a falls, located in the spectacular setting of Falls Park, along the Sioux Falls River. Watch as 7400 gallons of water drop 100 feet per second over the course of the Falls. There's a five-story observation tower from which you can watch the dramatic flow of the river. The park is also the site of some historical buildings: the ruins of a mill, the millrace viewing platform and dam, and the Light and Power Building. There is also a welcome center, a cafe, and a biking and hiking trail.

  3. Stockyards Ag Experience. 301 E. Falls Park Drive, Sioux Falls
    Visitors to the Stockyards Ag Experience learn about the history of the ag industry in our area through dynamic exhibitions and displays. While there are plans for developing the Stockyards Plaza into a historic and recreational zone sometime in the future, for now, visitors can enjoy such remnants of the past as these: Stockyards catwalk, Morrell's tunnel entry, the pump house, Stockyards pen gates, and an iconic pig.

  4. USS South Dakota: Battleship South Dakota Memorial Museum. 2705 W. 12th St., Sioux Falls
    The Battleship South Dakota Memorial Museum was established in the 1960s to commemorate South Dakota's contributions to World War II. The battleship received a combination of Navy Unit Citation and 13 battle stars and was the most decorated battleship of the war. Known as Battleship X for security reasons, the South Dakota was commissioned into active service in March of 1942. The battleship was active in a number of engagements involving the Japanese.

  5. St. Joseph Cathedral. 521 N. Duluth Ave., Sioux Falls
    The history of St. Joseph Cathedral is intertwined with that of Sioux Falls. Catholic priests ventured into the Dakota territory in 1838, and from then on, the Catholic faith spread among native peoples and settlers. The Catholic bishop relocated to Sioux Falls in 1889; it was not until 1915 that construction on the cathedral began. Although World War I hampered the completion of construction, the cathedral was finished in 1919. The resulting structure is notable for its architecture and the richness and beauty of the interior.

These are just some of the highlights of historical places and structures that Sioux Falls offers visitors and locals alike. Do you have questions about Sioux Falls, or about buying or listing a home? Contact us today.