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If you're getting ready to sell your home, you'll need to take some steps to sell for the best price. Here's what you can do.

Are you ready to sell your home? If so, your goal is to sell it quickly at the highest possible price. In order to accomplish this, you'll need to take some specific steps as you get it ready to put it on the market.

Our real estate agents suggest the following ways to get your home ready to sell:

  • Find the right real estate agent.
    An experienced real estate agent who knows the local market well can help you sell your home faster. They should have a sales record that reflects a strong ability to sell and have an extensive knowledge of homes in your area and what buyers are looking for. In addition, a real estate agent can make the home selling process go more quickly and smoothly, from pricing your home correctly to expertly marketing it. Interview potential agents to ensure they'll be a good fit before making a decision on who to work with.

  • Prepare your home before it's actually listed.
    You'll want your home to look its best before it's listed and potential buyers have the chance to see it. The goal is to make buyers be able to envision themselves living in your home, so get rid of clutter and put away personal items like family photos. Make sure everything's clean from top to bottom, and take care of any repairs you've been putting off.

  • Make any needed changes to your decor.
    Your goal is to make your home appealing to the most potential buyers possible. Your real estate agent may be able to make suggestions on staging your home using neutral colors and minimalist decor. Neutral wall colors are particularly important because they're unlikely for buyers to have a negative reaction to it. It also enables them to easily envision other wall colors if they'd prefer to use a bolder hue if they buy your home.

  • Address any odors.
    It's not uncommon for homes to have unpleasant odors like pet or cooking smells, and owners may not even realize that the smells are there because they've grown accustomed to them. Ask your real estate agent or someone else you can trust to be honest with you, and if necessary, deep clean your home (which is a good idea even if it doesn't have odors) or have it professionally cleaned. Afterward, check to make sure the odors have been eliminated.

  • Improve your home's curb appeal.
    While making the inside of your home look great is certainly important, the outside of your home is what potential buyers will see first. Make sure they have a good first impression of your home by painting your front door and sprucing up your porch with plants, a new doormat, and appealing outdoor furniture. Also, wash your windows and make sure your landscaping is attractive and well maintained.

  • Price your home correctly.
    It's important to price your home correctly so it attracts interest and ultimately leads to offers. Pricing it too high can result in it spending more time on the market, and you may eventually end up having to reduce your asking price. Your real estate agent can research comparable homes ("comps") that have recently sold in your area and suggest a selling price at or a little lower than these amounts.

Contact us if you'd like to sell or buy your home in South Dakota. We can make suggestions about getting your home ready for prospective buyers to see or show you Sioux Falls homes for sale. We've helped South Dakota home buyers and sellers since 1945 and would love to assist you as well!