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Gardening season is upon us, and we have the best tips for making a beautiful garden this spring.

As spring has officially arrived and temperatures are starting to warm up, it's time to start preparing your Sioux Falls garden. By taking care of these tasks now, you'll be setting your garden up for success and spreading the work out so it's more manageable.

Our real estate agents suggest these pointers to start your gardening prep now:

  • Check tools and replenish supplies.
    Take a look at your tools to see if you have what you need for the upcoming gardening season. Add any implements you need and take care of the ones you already have by cleaning them with a strong detergent, hot water, and a scourer. Use a mill file to sharpen blades so they'll perform better, and apply some penetrating oil to prevent and remove rust from blades and hinges. Shop now for any supplies you'll need, including fertilizer, soil amendments, and plant supports.

  • Tidy your garden.
    Prepare your garden by removing any leaves and other debris from your beds and borders and cutting back any old, dead growth from grasses and perennials. You'll also want to clear your beds and borders back to bare soil, removing any weeds along the way.

  • Add compost and mulch.
    After you've weeded and tied up your garden, add an inch or two of compost and other organic soil amendments to your beds. Then apply a layer of fresh mulch, which will not only improve the look of your garden but also help keep weeds at bay, regulate soil temperature, retain moisture, and prevent erosion.

  • Prune trees, plants, and shrubs.
    Walk around your property to check the structure of your trees, plants, and shrubs. Many can use a good pruning this time of year, giving you the chance to take care of the task before their energy is spent on growing new buds and branches. As you move through your garden and yard, sterilize your pruners with a clean rag and isopropyl alcohol before moving to the next plant so you don't risk spreading disease from one plant to the next. And take time to add some fertilizer to the soil to make sure pruned plants have the nutrients they need to heal quickly.

  • Make a plan.
    Sketch a plan of what you want to plant in your garden as well as where you'll be planting everything. Check your garden sites for the hours of sunlight they receive, and make sure it matches your plants' needs. If you're planting vegetables, make sure you're rotating your crops properly to reduce your risk of insect and disease problems. Finally, if you want to add anything to your garden like beds, shepherd's hooks, window boxes, or new pots, now's the time to build or buy what you'll need.

  • Start a compost pile.
    In addition to being environmentally friendly, a compost pile provides you with a great way to improve the quality of your garden's soil. Order a bin online, try something simple like an old trash can, or simply make a pile, making sure to keep it away from any walls. You'll need a mixture of "greens" which include fruit and veggie peelings, coffee grounds, and grass clippings — as well as "browns," egg cartons, dried leaves, and newspapers. Every 7 to 10 days, rotate the pile with a stick or spade.

Contact us today if you'd like to look at Sioux Falls homes for sale where you can have a yard and garden to call your own. Our agents live and work in the communities we serve and know them well, so you count on us to find the right home for you.