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Date Archives: February 2022

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Mexican cuisine always seems to hit the spot. Here's where you can find great Mexican food in Sioux Falls.

National Tortilla Chip Day was on Feb. 24, but there's always time to celebrate! If you're in the mood for Mexican cuisine in Sioux Falls, you'll have your choice of some excellent restaurants where you can order your favorites and perhaps try a new dish.

Our real estate agents enjoy dining at the following Sioux Falls Mexican restaurants and suggest giving them a try:

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Before you invest in new flooring, make sure you know what will go best in your home. Here's how you can figure that out.

Few home improvements can have as big an impact as you'll get from new flooring. Whether you're having the flooring in one room or your entire house redone, the project can transform the space, making it look fresher and tied together.

If you're looking at new flooring, our real estate agents share what you need to know:

Types of flooring

To decide what type of flooring you'd like, consider its appearance, durability, and cost. The following are some of the most popular types of flooring:

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