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Date Archives: December 2021

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Cold weather is no match for a toasty plate of classic American cuisine. Here are the Sioux Falls locales that will keep you warm all winter long.

Looking for some delicious American-style food to help you stay cozy this winter in Sioux Falls? The area has plenty of great restaurants to visit and dishes to choose from, with each putting their own unique spin on American favorites.
Our real estate agents suggest paying a visit to the following eateries:

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The fireplace and mantel can be tricky to decorate just right during the holidays. Here's how you can pull it off.

When you think of your mantle during winter, stockings and other holiday decor probably comes to mind. If you have a holiday nutcracker collection you're waiting to unbox, consider putting them on a table or counter instead and taking your mantle in a different direction. Decorating this area for winter rather than a specific holiday can give it a stylish, fresh look that you won't have to change when the holidays are over.
Our real estate agents pass along the following best mantle decorating tips for winter:

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