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Date Archives: September 2021

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Feeling something a little more soothing than coffee? Here's where you can find the best tea in Sioux Falls.

From a refreshing glass of iced tea to a soothing cup of hot tea, Sioux Falls has just what you're looking for. Our local cafes have appealing atmospheres that are great for meeting friends or for settling down to work or study as you enjoy your tea.
Our real estate agents enjoy the following places to sip the perfect cup of tea in Sioux Falls and suggest giving them a try:

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With a little effort now, you can save yourself major headaches once winter rolls around. Here are the home improvement projects you should tackle.

Now that we're closing out summer and fall is approaching fast, it's not too early to wrap up home improvement projects and start preparing our homes for the cold weather that lies ahead. Our real estate agents often recommend checking this work off your list in September and early October because temperatures are still warm. If you're a first-time homeowner, remembering to take care of everything can be a challenge, which is why we put together this list of projects you should try to tackle soon!

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