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Date Archives: July 2021

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Looking for fun things to keep you busy this summer? These Sioux Falls activities have you covered.

Summer is a time filled with warm weather and long stretches of daylight that make it the perfect time to go out and have fun in Sioux Falls. The area has plenty of fun indoor and outdoor activities that will keep you and your family or friends having fun for hours.
Our real estate agents suggest having some summer fun at the following Sioux Falls venues:

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Window sills are the perfect spot to express your personal style and extend your home decor. Here are some decorating tips to get you going.

Window sills are usually thought of as wasted space and ignored when it comes to freshening up your home. But with a little time, effort, and creativity, you can transform them into useful areas that add beauty to any room in your home. Our real estate agents suggest the following ways to make the most of your window sills:

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