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Date Archives: June 2021

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The weather's great to sit outside and savor a tasty meal. Here are some Sioux Falls restaurants to visit.

One of the summer's pleasures is dining outside at a local restaurant, taking in the sights and sounds. Relax and people-watch as you enjoy a beverage or meal, or choose a Sioux Falls restaurant with amazing water views and take in our area's natural beauty.

Our real estate agents suggest taking a break and enjoying outdoor dining at the following Sioux Falls restaurants:

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You don't have to go full minimalist to bring minimalism into your home. Here are some tips that can make your home more organized.

Minimalist home decor, which is very popular at the moment, is all about simplicity and restraint. You might think that this translates into a boring home, but minimalism is anything but. It's bold yet soothing, and its well-chosen elements make a large impact. Our real estate agents suggest the following tips for creating a minimalist home design:

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