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Date Archives: April 2021

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Make the most of your landscaping by visiting these great Sioux Falls garden centers.

How green is your thumb? Now that you're settling into one of the special Sioux Falls homes for sale, you're probably thinking about spring planting and how to make your home stand out. 

There are so many ways you can make your property a show stopper. Local garden centers abound with a wide range of trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals. The challenge is narrowing your focus and deciding which way to go.

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Check these spring cleaning projects off your list for some major improvements.

Have cleaning projects been stacking up on your to-do list? Whether you've just bought a new home, are selling your current home, or simply want to bring out the best in your property, spring is the perfect time to invest some elbow grease into cleaning projects around the house. With the right tips, tricks, and cleaning ideas, you can have your home looking better than ever in record time. Our real estate agents have the details on 6 cleaning projects that you can tackle to celebrate the start of spring.

  • Refresh Your Most Frequently Used Appliances
    Take some time this spring to refresh your dishwasher, oven, and washing machine. Clear out any stuck-on food inside of your dishwasher, then run a cycle with a cleaning solution. Run your oven on the cleaning setting, then clear out any remaining debris built up since your last cleaning. For the washing machine, you can use distilled white vinegar to clean and disinfect, or pick up a cleaning solution from your favorite grocery store.

  • Bring Out the Best in Your Patio Furniture
    Keeping your outdoor areas looking great is key to standing out from other Sioux Falls homes for sale, and clean, sparkling patio furniture can add to the look of any home. Start by scrubbing your outdoor furniture with a mixture of warm water and dish soap. Once you've given each piece of furniture a good scrub, spray it down with a hose and start enjoying patio furniture that looks like new.

  • Clean Your Windows Both Inside and Outside
    While it's easy to keep up with cleaning the indoor side of your windows during the winter, the outdoor side may need a good cleaning after the cold weather months. You can use the same solutions on the outdoor side as you would indoors, so the key is simply picking a nice spring day to tackle the outdoor side of those windows.

  • Organize Closets and Clear Clutter
    Has clutter been building up in your closets during the winter? Spring presents a great opportunity to clear clutter, organize your closets, and lighten your load. You can pick up closet organizers at your favorite home goods store, or install some shelving to make more efficient use of space. While you're organizing, take the opportunity to get rid of unneeded clutter by donating or selling.

  • Get Your Yard Ready for Spring
    Curb appeal is a must when selling your home, and it will help you enjoy your outdoor spaces more even if you're not putting your home on the market. The start of spring is a good time to prune many types of plants, pull weeds from your garden, and plant some fresh flowers for the new season. If your driveway or patio have seen better days, renting a power washer for the day can get them looking like new.

  • Show Some Love to Your Wood Floors
    Cleaning wood floors is crucial to helping them look their best, but it's easy to cause damage if you don't use the right cleaning products. The good news is that there are plenty of cleaning solutions designed to clean wood floors without causing damage. Learn what type of wood your floor is made of, pick up the right cleaning solution for your floor, and invest some elbow grease to get those floors shining.

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