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Date Archives: March 2021

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Want to treat yourself next morning? You're in luck with these excellent breakfast spots in Sioux Falls.

Before you start exploring Sioux Falls homes for sale, take a couple of hours to explore one of the city's top breakfast spots. Sioux Falls is home to numerous restaurants with a variety of delectable dishes. Here are some of the top spots sure to get your day off to a tasty start. 

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Want to better utilize your attic space? Here are some things to know before you start.

Can you ever really have enough storage space in your home? In many homes, the attic is a rarely visited space with limited utility, but turning your attic into a useful storage space is easier than you might think. Most attics will need some work to become ideal storage, and with spring around the corner now is the perfect time to get started. Our real estate agents are here to provide some inspiration, with home improvement tips to help you optimize your attic for storage.

  1. Check Your Attic Ventilation
    Proper ventilation is crucial for safe storage of your items because it helps prevent too much heat and humidity from building up in your attic. Even if you haven't used it for storage in the past, your attic is likely already equipped with vents to help keep air circulating. Make sure that those vents are in good working order before you start storing items. If you need extra ventilation, an attic fan with an automatic shutoff sensor can be a big help.
  2. Make Sure Your Attic Is Properly Insulated
    While ventilation helps somewhat with temperature, your attic will need also to be properly insulated if you plan on storing any temperature-sensitive items. Your attic likely already has insulation between the floor joists, but may require insulation in the ceiling area as well. An insulated attic is more likely to have moisture buildup, which is another good reason to make sure your attic is properly ventilated.
  3. Check for Roof Leaks and Fix Any Issues
    Roof leaks are bad news in any attic, and that's doubly true when you're planning to use your attic for storage. Before you get serious about storing items, check for signs of leaks. The most common signs include discoloration of the ceiling beneath the attic, rot around vents or other openings, and water damage around the chimney. If you find signs of leaks, call your favorite contractor to investigate and address any issues.
  4. Add Flooring for Safety and Storage
    Most attics don't have flooring installed, which means the insulation and ceiling joists will be exposed. Naturally, you'll want a safe, sturdy floor if you're using your attic for storage. Since ceiling joists aren't always rated for weight-bearing, you may need to have them reinforced before flooring is installed. It's best to call the pros for this step to make sure new flooring is safe.
  5. Install Fold-Down Stairs or a Permanent Staircase
    If your attic is only accessible through a hatch in the ceiling, you'll want to provide easier access before you start storing items. A fold-down staircase is a great choice if you want to save space while still providing easy access, and a permanent staircase makes it even easier to move items into your attic if you have the space to spare.
  6. Clear Out Clutter While Deciding What to Store
    Clearing out clutter is one of our first pieces of advice when a seller is prepping their home to compete with other Sioux Falls homes for sale, and it's also a great idea when planning to use your attic for storage. Since you'll be moving items around anyway, this is the perfect time to lighten your load. You can donate, sell, or get rid of items you don't need, then start storing everything you plan to keep in your newly optimized attic.

Searching for a home with plenty of storage space in the attic and beyond? Our team is here to help. Contact us to buy and sell homes throughout the Sioux Falls, SD area.