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Date Archives: February 2021

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Sioux Falls produces some great handcrafted wines. Celebrate Drink Wine Day and visit one of these local wineries.

February 18th marks National Drink Wine Day — wine aficionados everywhere will take a few moments to enjoy their favorite wine and remember the benefits associated with drinking wine. Our real estate agents know that there are some fantastic wines in and around Sioux Falls. Check out some of the top spots to shop for a wine worthy of your attention on National Drink Wine Day.

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Don't be intimidated by baking. With these tips, you'll be making great homemade bread in no time.

Our real estate agents have been trying out some new hobbies since the pandemic forced us to spend more time at home. We've tried yoga. We've taken up watercolors.

We've also learned a thing or two about baking, and we're excited to impart our hard-earned knowledge. Be sure to keep these tips and tricks in mind for all your home bread making adventures!

Start Simple
There are dozens of different kinds of bread you could make at home. But start out by making something simple and forgiving, like focaccia. It has just four ingredients: flour, water, salt, and yeast.

Use Good Flour
Different types of flour have varying protein content and gluten properties, but don't worry about that for now. Once you've gained a little experience, feel free to start experimenting. But as a beginner, just buy a few high-quality bags that say "bread flour" on the label. 

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