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Holiday Home Decorating

The holidays are here, and getting creative with decorations is one way to let off some steam as 2020 ends. Whether you prefer a classic or modern look, there are tons of ways to show your holiday cheer. When our real estate agents show Sioux Falls homes for sale during this special time of year, homebuyers can't get enough of eye-catching decorations. These tips for taking your holiday home decorating up a notch will help you create an inviting ambiance everyone will enjoy throughout the season.

  1. Keep it Simple
    Lots of people have purged clutter and pared down the stuff in their homes this year. If you're in the mood for something minimalist, try using plain evergreen garland on your stairs, without any bows, pine cones, or other accouterments. A fresh wreath with a simple bow also gives your outside decorations a clean look. To tie it all together, consider putting just one type of ornament on your tree. Ball ornaments are quite inexpensive, and white or blue lights with a pretty star on top create an understated but warm look.

  2. Get Creative with Color
    Red, green, gold, silver, white, and blue are common colors people use to decorate for the winter season. Consider complementing classic green boughs, garland, wreaths, and even your tree with bows, flowers, balls, and other decorations in a light pink, purple, eggplant, or salmon color.

  3. Reach for the Stars and Alterative Textiles
    Feel like getting back to basics with a modern twist? Believe it or not, there are many different types and sizes of burlap garland and bows. If you really want to get creative, use feathers and branches instead of bows, and grab some sheet music or newspaper to make cool origami stars you to hang from the banister or tree. To make this look complete, use brown butcher paper to wrap gifts. You can top them off with vibrant ribbons or bows to add a splash of color.

  4. Be Bookish
    Whether you prefer the fresh scent of pine or you've been using the same faux tree for years, there are infinite ways to add some excitement to a Christmas tree. If you're a literary type, add a simple scheme of letter, book and typewriter ornaments. Another whimsical idea for booklovers—stack books to create a cone-shaped tree pattern and decorate as you wish. A small tabletop tree can be just as lovely and eye-catching as a towering fir.

  5. Don't Forget the Lights
    Instead of a garland, decorate your mantle with the string lights of your choice. You can dress up your mantle with different sizes and colors of candlesticks as well, with any favorite holiday figurines interspersed. Don't hesitate to put lights around the windows. Stringing lights on a wooden ladder that's leaned against the wall adds an original down-home flair. It's a great alternative for hanging stockings, too.

Are you buying or selling a home this holiday season? Our experienced real estate professionals can help. Contact us today to get started.