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Date Archives: September 2020

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Working with a REALTOR

If you're buying or selling a home, you may be tempted to try completing the process on your own rather than working with a REALTOR®. This, however, can make every detail of your purchase or sale much more stressful than it has to be and open you up to costly mistakes.
Our REALTORS® point out the following 5 ways working with a REALTOR® benefits you, whether you're looking for Sioux Falls homes for sale or would like to sell a home in the area:

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Sioux Falls Local Honey

Honey's smooth, soothing texture makes it a classic treatment for coughs and sore throats. Did you know it also has proven antibacterial properties and serves as a good source of energy? Celebrate National Honey Month in September with local honey from these farms around Sioux Falls recommended by our real estate agents.

  1. Quail Honey - 47608 188th St., Brandt, SD 57218
    No, Quail Honey doesn't refer to the source of the company's delightful nectar. The family-run business was founded in the 1940s by Orville Quail, and his son Eric took the reins nearly 40 years ago. Other Quails on the staff include Eric's wife, son, daughter, and son-in-law, and nephew. The company's beehives are spread throughout South Dakota and Minnesota to maximize the production of their top-quality honey. Available varieties include raw, clover, buckwheat, spun and whipped. Quail Honey is also an ingredient in skincare products such as soap, eye serum, lip balm, and lotion. Plan a Saturday outing to Brookings Farmers Market, just about an hour from Sioux Falls homes for sale, to find Quail Honey products and other locally sourced food items.

  2. Parsons Honey Farm - 46960 272nd St., Tea, SD 57064
    Are you a fan of the light color and delicate taste found in wildflower honey? Parsons Honey Farm harvests their product exclusively from bees that have collected nectar from clover and other wildflowers. In addition to its appearance and flavor, wildflower honey is prized for its wealth of nutrients and antioxidants. Use of wildflower honey can reduce inflammation, promote healthy digestion, and improve the suppleness and appearance of skin. 

  3. Blue Dasher Farm - 46958 188th St., Estelline, SD 57234
    Environmental awareness has created an interest in maintaining a more sustainable food supply. Blue Dasher Farm, approximately an hour's drive from Sioux Falls, promotes the practice of regenerative agriculture to help create a self-nourishing ecosystem. Regenerative farming seeks to rebuild organic material in topsoil that has been degraded by industrial agriculture. More than simply a research site, Blue Dasher Farm uses their production to show their methods can be financially successful. Their 100 percent pure, raw honey can be purchased at the farm or ordered on their website.

  4. Lake Thompson Honey Company - 44244 218th St., Oldham, SD 57051
    Located roughly an hour from Sioux Falls near its namesake body of water, Lake Thompson Honey Company is a third-generation business operating close to 2,000 hives. The high-quality raw honey receives no processing other than running through a strainer to remove impurities. For honey in its most pure form, try the comb honey that comes directly from the hives with no filtering. Creamed honey makes a delicious spread for bagels, bread, and toast. Skincare products such as soap, lip balm, and hand cream are 100 percent natural, with no chemicals or preservatives. Keep wood furniture looking like new with Lake Thompson's beeswax polish or decorate with beeswax candles that burn longer and cleaner than paraffin. All products are available for purchase on the Lake Thompson Honey Company website. 

Looking for a place to call home, "sweet" home? Contact us at Hegg Realtors for cheerful and professional assistance buying and selling houses in Sioux Falls.