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Date Archives: April 2020

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Game Night in Sioux Falls

When face-to-face contact isn't available, that doesn't mean you have to stop playing games with your friends. There are many fun options available that you can play remotely.

Our real estate agents suggest the following games to get a virtual game night going in Sioux Falls:

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Weekend Home Improvement Projects

Want a quick and easy way to add value to Sioux Falls homes for sale? Experts at HGTV say 75 to 80 cents of each dollar spent on home improvement projects goes back in the form of increased value. Invest time into your home with these five home improvement projects you can complete in a weekend.

  1. Create a Mudroom
    Mudrooms were once found in farms and rural homes as a way of preventing dirt from being tracked throughout the house, but now they've become a trendy and practical amenity in any style. Building a formal mudroom can run upwards of $12,000, but according to HuffPost, adding organization and storage is the main point. Use cubbies and hooks to maximize vertical space. A bench is a good multi-purpose item that provides seating along with storage underneath. Paint can create a clear delineation to the mudroom. If you can't spare any space around an entryway, considering using the laundry room or repurposing a closet.

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